Drive Safely, Get Rewarded!

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Less Than 60 Seconds

Create a driving pledge campaign in less than 60 seconds. Select a driving time goal and a dollar pledge amount to request from a sponsor. A sponsor can be your parents, a relative or a friend.

Once your pledge request is approved, your safe driving campaign begins.

Curb the Urge

When you get in your car, launch the app and click start trip. Drive to your destination without using your phone. Once you arrive at your destination, click stop trip, it's that easy!

After ending a trip, Siri congratulates your success and informs you of your progress towards your pledge goal.

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Be Safe and Earn Cash

When you successfully reach your campaign goal, we automatically inform your sponsors of your accomplishment, this is when you get paid for having stuck to your pledge!

The best part is you earn real $ for completing your driving pledge and also become a safer driver each time you use the app.

Help support the cause

A deadly habit

Teens are twice as likely as adults to have extended text conversations while driving, this problem is particularly worrisome.

Down For The Count app will help you fight this bad habit.